Our car tracking units have the highest vehicle recovery rate in the industry

Think about this for a moment. A staggering 14 602 incidents of hijacking/car theft have been reported in 2016. This is a 14.3% increase from the previous year. On average this equates to 40 cars per day.

The Conducive Group in association with the leading car tracking company in the industry is proud to have the highest vehicle recovery rate. We are proud to boast a range of innovative and affordable car tracking products and services that assists in protecting your vehicle and family.


Benefits offered through our car tracking unit:

  • Application for cellphone and laptop to monitor vehicle 24/7
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Monitor of over speeding, over steer and harsh breaking( Driver Behaviour )
  • Instant GPS position on street level
  • Route replay up to 6 months ( Date, Time & Address )
  • Odometer reading ( KM travelled )
  • Management report ( SARS log book )
  • High risk area alert

Value Added Offering

  • On-site Installations
  • Automated testing on all our products
  • Demonstrations
  • Data storage for up to 5 years
  • Training for fleet managers
  • Repatriation of stolen vehicles from foreign countries
  • No upfront costs with contract packages

*Terms and Condition Apply

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