Proc360 is a complete end to end procurement system that is guaranteed to help save you time and money. Here are some of the ways in which Proc360 helps you shape the way you do business and manage your procurement needs:

  • Improved Workflow
    Proc360 creates a practical and easy to use workflow for authorization, approval, order and delivery of goods and services.
  • Seamless Electronic Authorisation Process
    Proc360 enables a controlled electronic authorisation that prevents delays in processing. This minimizes the knock on effect on the business when it comes to revenue generated and losses incurred.
  • Increased Cost Savings
    Proc360 creates an audit trail of all orders and based on seasons and trends, your workforce is able to effectively monitor this to make informed decisions based on a client’s ordering patterns.
  • Transparent Price Controls
    Proc360 allows teams to collectively work within an allocated budget. Prices are readily available and once an order has been placed this can be vetted against the overall budget spend before anything is processed.
  • Effective Time Management
    Proc360 enables a workforce to save time on hours initially spent on manual procuring which alleviates pressure and unnecessary stress for a time consuming yet essential process.
  • Live Tracking and Monitoring System
    Proc360 is a live system that processes transactions in real time. This allows for little to no errors and can be updated and edited should the procurement volumes change within the internal pipelines.
  • Customised Solutions
    Proc360 provides customisable solutions. We understand that every business is unique and dynamic and through this we have developed a procurement system that is able to manage individual needs and requirements based on business outcomes.
  • On-call Support & Maintenance
    Proc360 is enabled by a virtual team of professionals, who have a combined experience of 37 years in the procurement industry. Client service forms an integral part of our business and our clients are our number one priority.
  • Unified Platform Integration
    Proc360 works seamlessly with the following software packages SAP, Pastel, Quickbooks and Accpac which minimizes business interruptions and allows for a smooth transition of procurement freedom and management.

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