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Congratulations Jeremy on courageously launching The Conducive Group! From the professional and personal engagement we have had over the years, I have no doubt that your commitment, passion and zest for life will add immense value to any individual or organisation. With your refreshing thinking coupled with a bold outlook on life, South Africa will always find that in you!
From the moment I walked into the doors of The Conducive Group I felt at home.  Feeling empowered to reap in the harvest of a fertile mind.  Knowing what my purpose is, helps me to comprehend the path our Creator placed on me.  At Conducive I have learnt how to lead a balanced life and how to react to fear.  I now feel confident in what I want, by when I want and surely know how to get there.  “Text books are used by the 98% to keep them busy.  While the 2% reap their harvests”.
I now find myself more motivated than ever before.  The messages/information that Jeremy reveals in our sessions as well as over the phone have added value and productivity into my personal and business life.  Although some of the concepts challenge my logical thinking, I apply them in faith and have had great results in the way my team responds to me as well as feedback that I have received from clients.  I find that my train of thoughts are clearer.  In a short period of time I have more solutions than I have problems.  Thank You Conducive Group!!
Such a stellar example of great leadership. This program not only gives you the ingredients but the actual "how to guide" to building yourself and your team! #conducivementorship
Jeremy is great at delivering operational excellence and developing a winning DNA. Jeremy has a well-proven track record for improving performance in a contact centre by leading from the front instead of managing from the back. Jeremy inspires people to deliver and instils a championship methodology as the vehicle to do so. Jeremy develops individuals to ensure that they remain eligible for the growing requirements of the business there for creating a trust relationship that is underpinned by the trait of “growing people from within the business”.
I have known Jeremy for a number of years and have worked with him during my tenure in the Insurance industry. I have seen and experienced Jeremy progressing through his career from Sales Consultant, then Manager and then General Manager and making a success of everything he did or was involved in. He is extremely dedicated to his profession and it was always a pleasure in dealing with him on his subject matter. He is knowledgeable and has extensive experience in the Financial Services industry, in particular the Short Term Insurance Industry. I would recommend Jeremy as a business partner without any hesitation and would endorse his company anytime.